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Susan Neustrom

Susan Neustrom


My Mission is to ignite energy and creativity and generate Ah-Ha moments to awaken purpose, passion, and potential to make great things happen.

I am Susan Neustrom, Ed.D. I am a visionary, an idealist, an educator, coach, and speaker.    In 2005, after a successful 22 year career in community banking, I transitioned from leadership in banking to leadership in nonprofit. As Director of Human Resource and later CEO of a nonprofit, I led significant organizational change, developed effective capacity building, and established a vision of sustainability and continuous leadership development.

 Of course, I realized early during my career change,  that while my leadership skills transitioned very well, to function effectively in a culture much different than business, I had to change my approach, become comfortable with chaos, confusion, and resistance, and increase my influence and impact.  That is to say, change was imminent for me and the organization.

 Given these points, change was not comfortable for me because there was a time that I felt that one career, one employer was my destiny and when I reached a plateau in my career, I could advance no more.    That was fifteen years ago and much has changed.  To date, I have experienced four career changes and pursued my education from GED to Doctorate. With each transition, I have advanced my leadership to the next level, uncovered hidden talents and strengths, and realized my true purpose.

 In other words, change and transformation of an organization occurred simultaneously with my professional and personal transformation.  As a result, my area expertise is change and transformation—–, organizational, personal, and professional.

Furthermore, I hold a Doctorate in Education in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University and an MA in Organizational Leadership/Training and Development from Lewis University.  I am an adjunct professor of business teaching in undergraduate and graduate leadership programs at National Louis, Benedictine, and Argosy University.




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