Comfort Zone Illusion

Synopsis of Susan Neustrom’s book: “The Comfort Zone Illusion – Leaving Your Comfort Zone Is Not So Hard After All.” What a great feeling—your comfort zone. Certainly, a cozy place to be, a place you never want to leave . . . except if your comfort zone, or your perception of a comfort zone, is not really providing comfort.

What many people describe as their comfort zone: the routine of living, of doing what you must do, meeting deadlines, working long hours, maintaining a full or overfilled schedule, or multitasking – This is really not comfortable at all. Instead, what you feel is discomfort while you wait for the opportunity or the right time to do what you really want, possibly in a few more years, or when you reach a career plateau, after the kids are grown, or when you make more money. A million excuses emerge as you rationalize why it is best not to make any radical moves to upset the status quo. If comfort is associated with pleasure, relaxation, warmth, and a feeling of contentment being in your comfort zone should elicit the same feeling. Is that what you are detecting? Are you really in your comfort zone? Or could you be feeling the discomfort of being stuck, confused, uncertain, or unsure of how to make changes to align more fully with who you are, with your strengths, talents, skills, and passion? Not only is discomfort uncomfortable but also staying in one spot too long can limit your growth, stifle your passion, and build walls around your dreams. With attention to the illusion of being in a comfort zone, this book takes you on a journey of discovery, beginning with understanding why an “itch” to change appears to identifying stages of discomfort so you can create effective habits, short and long-term outcomes, a strategy, and an action plan to get you from where you are now to where you are meant to be without worry, discomfort, or apprehension. Throughout the chapters I share numerous stories about confusion, uncertainty, fear, accomplishments, and success because the possibilities are endless once you learn how to get out of the discomfort of being in your comfort zone. Furthermore, this book opens up portals of breakthrough moments: the moments where you suddenly see yourself through new eyes and golden opportunities await you. Such breakthroughs are certainly “ah-ha moments” and propel you into action. This book is written for anyone who has an itch to make positive changes in life and work, want to break down the brick walls of “I can’t” standing in the way to lead yourself and others successfully and authentically .

Looking beyond the illusions of comfort to the stark reality of discomfort, this book offers:

  • Practical solutions to eliminate fear of leaving your comfort zone by challenging perceived limitations.
  • Guidance and a road map leading you on a journey of discovery to encourage deep thought, test what you think about yourself, and focus on what you really want to achieve.

  • Breakthrough exercises designed to build momentum and create movement; each interaction with the “itch” lessens your fear, breaks down barriers, and gets you one step closer to your goal.

  • Multiple opportunities to get a deeper understanding of you and a chance to reveal “ah-ha” moments to awaken passion, purpose, and potential.

Additionally, I offer my personal “itch” occurrence, my thoughts and feelings, my unbelievable discomfort, and ah-ha moments derived from life-changing experiences of being a high-school dropout to earning a doctorate, moving from a career to doing work with a purpose, from coaching people in a variety of professional and personal situations, and from experts who clearly understand change.  The Comfort Zone Illusion is an interesting read, with good stories, some laughs, new information shared in a unique way, plenty of thought-provoking concepts, exercises to get you thinking and moving, and, of course, an ah-ha moment personalized for you, possibly many. One of those moments (you might have many and you never know which one) is the turning point, the awakening, a burst of energy and will get you where you want to go.


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