• Is your organization prepared to move to the next level?
  • Ready to embark on a major change and trying to get everyone to move in the same direction?
  • The problem with initiating change is even with the best strategy, a well- designed plan, and effective tools and resources, one factor of change is not considered in the process. Because change impacts everyone in the organization addressing the fear of leaving a comfort zone is a important aspect of the change process.

    I work with nonprofit organizations and small businesses involved in change and specialize in: :

    Strategic planning to take the organization to the next level.

    • Developing five year strategic plans
    • Focus on eliminating the fears associated with leaving a comfort zone
    • Board and leadership retreats

    Leadership development

    • Designing leadership development plans
    • Developing mentor programs
    • Strategies for moving through the stages of change

    Regardless where you are in the change process, understanding what creates fear, the intensity of discomfort felt by the people experiencing change, and how to develop a motivating work environment even in the midst of chaos and confusion. My expertise is change, transition, and motivation and I work with you to help everyone is the organization leave their comfort zone, eliminate fear and tap into unlimited potential for high performance, excellence, and teamwork.


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