Leadership Coaching

Do you feel stuck in your comfort zone and seeking a new approach to leading change?
Do you have a grand vision?
Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?
Unsure how to get everyone moving the same direction?
In a new leadership role and feel really uncomfortable?

You certainly have the strengths, skills, and qualities to lead with impact however, you may be stuck in your comfort zone, overwhelmed, looking for a new perspective, or not getting the outcomes you desire. Consider where you are in your leadership development and where you want to be.

The Benefits Of Comfort Zone Coaching For Leaders::

  • New insight into your leadership strengths.
  • Eliminate your fear of leaving your comfort zone.
  • A deeper meaning and purpose in leading.
  • Confidence to initiate change and lead your team out of their comfort zone.
  • More effective decision making..
  • Increased influence and impact leading from your authentic self..
  • A sounding board for doubts, fears, and ideas..

With leadership coaching you will gain:

Connect with me to talk about your vision and where you want to go. I offer individual, personalized, coaching focused on your goals and tailored specifically for your needs including one hour teleconference or face-to-face coaching sessions, personal leadership style and strength assessments, custom designed goal strategy and action plan, and plenty of ah-ha moments to excite, encourage, and awaken the leadership in you.


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