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I have a remarkable story and message to share with people who have a vision and are ready to move to the next level and with organizations that strive to develop talent for peak performance.  I work with you to develop every presentation for your specific purpose, challenge, audience, and budget.  As a university professor teaching adult students I understand adult learning principles and I offer engaging and interactive seminars, break- out sessions, workshops, and training that include objectives and outcomes. Each presentation is developed exclusively to produce the outcome, impact, and roadperformance that you desire.

Sample presentations

Eliminating the Fear of Leaving Your Comfort Zone (Convert fear into positive energy and turn resistance to impact).

Your Professional Development Plan (Discover strengths and competencies and move your leadership to the next level).

The Best Leadership Style and Approach (Identify the best leadership even in challenging situations).

Motivating Employees on a Shoestring Budget (Empower peak performance and increase job satisfaction).

Super Charge Your Vision (Action steps to change your vision to reality).

Really Big Idea Leadership (How to cultivate innovation and creativity in the workplace).

Leading with Chocolate (Building relationships that support change and impact).

T.I.P. Approach to Leading with Purpose (How to lead from authenticity and core values)


From Dropout to Doctorate to Public Servant

A motivating, inspiring story of success and unbelievable accomplishments despite challenging limitations, age, and adversity.

Never Give Up, Never Give In

Remarkable insight into the power of perseverance, tenacity, and courage to never give believing in yourself and never give in to settling for less than who you are meant to be.


Perhaps you want to address a specific issue, looking for tips and strategies, or seek a new perspective.  I work with you to develop a quality presentation for large or small audiences.  Whether you need an hour, a half day, or full day presentation, I design the presentation with your purpose in mind.  Let’s talk, contact me.



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