***”Susan brought out my most positive qualities and presented them professionally in a custom resume and cover letter.” Ben

***“Very interesting speaker, lots of good food for thought!” McHenry County Workforce Network

***“Enthusiastic and well informed and I went away with that enthusiasm eager to try some of the ideas”. Donna V. -College of DuPage

***“Susan led a very good session.  Learning stages of discomfort, seeing so many people in the room dealing with fear and just discussing the issues was very helpful to bring the fear level down.” McHenry County Workforce Development

***I would recommend Susan’s coaching to anyone interested in getting to the nextlevel with their career. I found Susan to be insightful, supportive, and felt her “push” that helped me break through some barriers I had been
avoiding. Thank you for guidance and mentoring which came at a critical time for me. I found the experience very worthwhile, and I appreciate and admire her skill more than ever after this experience. Thank you. Dennis

***Susan’s coaching sessions were surprisingly effective. In a short amount of time, and without handing me any answers, she somehow brought me to a major point of clarity about myself, my values, and how to communicate that to others. I was stuck in the mire of too many options for my future. Through her open-ended questions, Susan helped me unveil the core of who I am and what I bring uniquely to the world. She wasn’t afraid of how important my faith is to my future. She wasn’t afraid to sit in silence while I thought out loud. Discussions were productive because she gave me homework and held me accountable. But they were also relaxed because it was always clear that she was serving my interests, not fishing for some prepackaged answer. I have greater focus than ever before in my career thanks to Susan, whom I endearingly refer to as my own personal Socrates. Eric

***Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance in helping me to develop an exemplary resume and cover letter in one week’s time.  In addition to providing timely critiques, examples, and edits, your positive encouragement kept me motivated to complete the process as quickly as possible.

 I believe it was beneficial to be working with someone with a professional perspective different from my own.  This improved clarity, highlighting differences in “what is obvious to me”, but NOT necessarily to a human resource professional.

I am confident that I now have effective documents to aid in my job search. I only wish that I had contacted you sooner.  It seems that I was caught in a circle of infinite rewrites using outdated rules and guidelines.

 It feels great to have this task completed!  Sincerely, Mark S.


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