Not What You Believe It To Be 
  It's Time To Redefine Change 
  Take Control
  Experience a New Feeling

Change is personal. 

No one experiences change the same way because change is viewed from an individual perspective. Every thought, action, and feeling is derived from your personal experience.  Only you can define change by your inner most feelings and your gut reaction to doing something different. 


Of course, for change to happen everyone believes you must leave your comfort zone.   In spite of your past experience with change even if your intention is positive, there is some apprehension, anxiety, maybe resistance, and a tad bit of fear as you step out of your self-imposed comfort zone.   Not to mention, as change intensifies so does discomfort moving you into chaotic confusion with the feeling of being stuck--- not able to go back or not able to move forward. 


But it doesn’t need to be this way. Whether you are involved in planned change, unplanned change, leading a team through change, or transforming an organization the act of change should not push you out of comfort. 


Redefining change from leaving your comfort zone to leaving your discomfort zone changes apprehension to confidence, resistance to engagement, and fear to energy.   


I can show you how easy it is to leave your comfort and experience change from a new perspective using a strategy applicable to personal or professional change.