Ahh, your comfort zone.  What a cozy place to be, a place you never want to leave...except if your comfort zone or your perception of your comfort zone is not really providing comfort.  In fact, your comfort zone may very well be holding you back from following your passion and finding greater meaning and purpose in your work.

What many people describe as their comfort zone-the routine of living, of doing what you must do, meeting deadlines working long hours, maintaining a full or overfilled schedule is really not comfortable at all. Instead, what you feel is discomfort while you wait for the right opportunity or the right time to finally do what you really want.  Possibly when you make more money, or when the kids are grown, or maybe in a few more years. 

Consider where you are now? What may be driving you to change?

  • Are you bored with your job?

  • Not feeling challenged?

  • Is your life in a rut?

  • Have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning to face another day?

  • Feel like life is passing you by and there is so much more to explore?

  • Maybe your career no longer has meaning and purpose and you find yourself daydreaming often about doing work that matters.

​However, leaving your comfort zone regardless of how much discomfort it brings is downright frightening. That is, until you understand that the comfort zone is only an illusion and leaving your comfort zone is not so hard after all!


The Comfort Zone Illusion Leaving Your Comfort Zone is Not So Hard After All

This book is written for anyone who has an itch to make positive changes in life and work and wants to break down the brick walls of "I can't" standing in the way.  Looking beyond the illusions of comfort to the stark reality of discomfort, this book offers practical solutions to eliminate fear and challenge limitations, leading you on a journey of discovery of who you are really meant to be, doing work that matters with greater purpose and passion.