Speaking About Change

I offer a variety of topics on change presented in a different formats

  • 30 minute to one hour presentations,

  • Two to four hour workshop,

  • Online training.  


Some of the most popular topics and tailored for your specific audience.

 Leaving Your Comfort Zone the Easy Way  
Whether change is planned or unplanned, more than likely you need to step outside your comfort zone and do something different. Learn  breakthrough strategies to move through the stages of discomfort, transform fear to energy, and experience many Ah-ha moments that propel you into action.
 Resistance to Change: Motivating a Diverse Workforce 
While change is necessary, often it is met with resistance. Attempting to motivate a diverse workforce from the seasoned employee to a new employee and everyone in between seems like an impossible feat.  This presentation offers insight into motivating a diverse workforce and actions that change resistance to cooperation. 
 Awaken: Motivating the Unmotivated 
Encouraging an unmotivated individual is a challenge and regardless of the reward, nothing seems to work. Learn how to motivate and inspire even the most unmotivated with new ideas for awakening, igniting, and maintaining self-motivation for successful outcomes.
 Ignite a Fire Within: Motivate Yourself for Success
If you struggle at times with maintaining a high level of motivation for yourself and others, this session will offer some of the most important factors to consider for igniting and maintaining self-motivation for long term success.
 Three Most Powerful Actions of  a Leader 
Leadership is hard work. The most powerful leaders understand the demands of being a leader and create a mental space to be alone with their thoughts emotions, and values. Three powerful actions can enhance social interaction, create greater impact, and increase effective behavior. 
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